We have a variety of facilities and provide a range of services for the health and wellbeing of your animals. We cover routine healthcare such as vaccinations, preventative treatment and neutering as well as various diagnostics to uncover underlying issues when your beloved pet is unwell as well as treatments for illness, injury and disease.  Our on-site diagnostics provide rapid assessment and management of your beloved pet whilst we provide you with progress reports and updates as often as we can.

Our facilities/services include:

- Digital radiography
- Doppler
- Ultrasound
- Blood pressure monitor
- Oxygen Tent
- Pulse Oximeter
- Endoscopy
- Operating Theatre
- Dental machine
- Incubator and vivariums
- Cat ward
- Dog ward
- In-house laboratory
- Urinalysis
- Faecal flotations
- On-site dispensary
- Nurse clinics

Our team of vets and nurses are fully trained and equipped to make sure your pets are kept healthy and happy.


Nurse clinics are available Mon-Fri by appointment

Nurse clinics include:

-Clip nails

-Empty anal glands

-Weight checks

-Post operative checks


-Puppy/kitten checks


-Plus many more!